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Thu Jun 21


Sad White Babies With Mean Feminist Mommies

The Atlantic is reviving the tired feminist-baiting question “can women have it all.” Le sigh. In celebration of this backlashtastic event, I’ve compiled some of my favorite images that are often the art in these kinds of articles: The mean/frazzled/distracted working white mom (because WOC don’t exist in this narrative) who has been fooled into thinking she can have it all by feminism. Good times.

Note: I haven’t read the piece (it’s not out yet) and for all I know is a scorchingly awesome piece of feminist writing. But the headline/art/cover is just too awful and (knowingly) plays into the anti-feminist cliche the search for work/life balance is greedily trying to have “it all.”

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Mon Mar 26
Mon Sep 28

WE’RE ON A BOAT. ok, a kayak. In the cove! #sfgiants

Happy #sfgiants fan appreciation day: Dodgers stunned by last place Pirates in 9th, NL West party on hold

We *barely* get AMC over ComCast. The picture digitizes and the sound quits. Really frustrating, but I’m chatting with them now at least.

Sat Sep 26

"Lakoff sez Burton gave him a minute and said you’ll lose" #cabudget (via @ddayen - why CA is f#$ed in 11 words that will live in infamy)

When the hell did broadband access become a right?!… net neutrality people are driving me crazy. (via @ewerickson // let them eat dialup!)

"All legislative actions on revenue and budget must be determined by a majority vote." #fixca #p2 Fits in one tweet with room to spare.

Fri Sep 25

George Lakoff files majority vote budget & revenue initiative: (via @cruickshank // Bring. It. On.)

Hey @Soledad_OBrien, help us get jerk of a coworker Lou Dobbs fired! ¡basta!